#24 Individual and Collective Action with Interpreters and Deaf People

October 6, 2016

Listen to Victoria and Alice’s third attempt at this week’s podcast. They are discussing the things that Victoria learnt at the ASLI conference, and how the deaf community and interpreting community need to come together to create change. 


#23 Conference: Multilingualism and Equal Rights in the EU: the Role of Sign Languages

September 29, 2016

This week Victoria tells Alice about her experiences at the Multilingualism and Equal Rights in the EU: the Role of Sign Languages Conference earlier in the week. We discuss the empowerment that has happened as a result, and the importance of change. You also get to find out our favourite signs, which are surprisingly simple!

#22 Two’s Company: When you Need Two Interpreters

September 22, 2016
Title:  Two's Company - when you need two interpreters..
This week Alice and Debbie discuss what co-working is in the interpreting profession,  when and why a co-worker is necessary and what can go wrong if you book one interpreter when two is needed.  This is a question we often get asked when we discuss the need for co-workers, so if you have ever wondered this yourself, you can find the answers here!

#21 Paralympics Opening Ceremony: First BSL Advert

September 8, 2016
This week, Alice and Debbie take over the mic again to discuss the Paralympics opening ceremony and the groundbreaking adverts that were on during the commercial breaks.  The first BSL signed advert was shown and we give our thoughts on this, the Paralympics in general, the Deaf Olympics and of course chocolate!

#20 Deaf Jobseeker and Employee Experience Survey

September 1, 2016

This week Debbie and Alice discuss the Total Jobs employment survey along with an article by deaf journalist, Charlie Swinbourne, who commented on the findings. It was interesting (and sometimes) surprising/shocking to read the statistics. You can check out the survey and article here and listen to our own thoughts on the findings of the report.

#19 Come Fly With Me - Deaf Access at Airports

August 25, 2016

Victoria is away on business this week, so Debbie and Alice are once again on the mic and are talking about Alice's research into accessing airports.  Surely not?

Yes they are, and don't call me Shirley.


#18 Are you signing impaired?

August 19, 2016
This week Victoria and Debbie discuss the concept of being 'signing impaired'.  They talk about the fact that it is often perceived as the deaf person as being 'hearing impaired' - but an interesting way to look at things is considering the hearing person as being 'signing impaired' if they are unable to communicate in sign language.
This podcast also discusses the deaf culture and how the model of the deaf community is changing.

#17 How to Develop your BSL Skills with Olympic Spirit

August 9, 2016

Victoria spends her morning in full Olympic mode.  She talks about how you can use the mindset of Olympians to go forward in your BSL studies, getting out of your comfort zone and keeping going even when it feels you are getting nowhere.

#16 Deaf Man Arrested by Police because he signed ‘Deaf’

August 3, 2016

This week, Debbie and Alice are back at the mic discussing a recent article about a Deaf man who was arrested, along with his hearing brother, because he used the internationally recognised sign for Deaf and the police believed he was making a rude gesture.

We look into other similar stories in the US and discuss how instances like this might be avoided through basic education and understanding.

#15 5 Year Old Learns Sign Language to Communicate with Deaf Mum

July 27, 2016

This week, Victoria is off on her hols, so Debbie and Alice take over the mic (and of course the coffee machine). They discuss how a five year old girl has passed her BSL Level 1 exam in order to communicate with her Deaf mum and the benefits of learning sign language at any age, but particularly when you are young.